The hot sauce dilemma. Why it’s hard to decide.


1. a judgment, conclusion, or resolution reached or given; verdict
Origin: from Old French, from Latin dēcīsiō, literally: a cutting off;

One of my famous conundrums that I face daily, is which hot sauce to dash upon my dish.

“mmm this would taste great with Sriracha.. well it would also taste great with that new jalapeno sauce I just got.. Although the chili sauce would taste great too…”

So instead of deciding I will end up bringing all 3 hot sauces to my table so I can try each one of them, to find out which one was the best. Indecision much? Although I do provide some amusement to my wife with my pack of hot sauce at our table, I began to think through why I needed all 3 hot sauces there.

One word. FEAR

Although it seams silly and maybe a little blown up a bit as all it is, is hot sauce. I realized though I was worried about not finding the perfect hot sauce fit for my plate of goodness. Ultimately I was afraid of making the wrong decision. 

Since realizing this I started consciously picking one hot sauce to adorn my meals, and force myself to make a decision and stick with it. Although I’m talking about hot sauce, it begs the question.

“In what areas of your life do you have trouble deciding and sticking with something?”

Making this simple decision has cascaded into other areas of my life especially business, and caused me to rethink the hows and whys of the decisions I’m making.  I’m getting a lot better at making decisions as a result of this, my slight obsession with hot sauce on the other hand… still gottta work on that.


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